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Why Guy Boucher Makes Sense For The Habs

It’s beginning to look painfully obvious that Montreal Canadiens may be in need of a coaching change. This team looks terrible everywhere except for goaltending, but even Carey is growing frustrated with lack of compete levels with his comrades in front. A defensive core that looks totally out of sync to go along with a […]

How Will the Olympics Affect Struggling Habs

After the Olympics hockey rosters were announced, eight of the Montreal Canadiens players will be on their way to Sochi. These players include P.K. Subban and Carey Price (CDN), Andrei Markov and Alexei Emelin (RUS), Max Pacioretty (USA), Raphael Diaz (SUI), Peter Budaj (SVK), and Tomas Plekanec (CZK). All of these players are big parts […]

Top-10 Reasons To Fire Michel Therrien

From an article I wrote back in November: When Michel Therrien was hired about 20 months ago to coach the Montreal Canadiens, the decision didn’t have unanimous support from the fans and the media. The truth was that  Therrien had already failed behind the Habs bench in the early 2000’s. Yet, the move paid off […]

Which Montreal Canadiens Will We See This Week?

Based on the past few performances, especially vs. the Hawks and the Leafs, I cannot provide you with an answer. Sidney Crosby, Pavel Datsyuk, and Alex Ovechkin are, evidently enough, no joke, especially when you look at our team and can’t even remotely compare any of our forwards to these guys. Despite this, I wouldn’t […]

Missing Pieces For the Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens have hit a bumpy road recently with some less than adequate play. It has become more and more apparent that there are some holes in the line-up that really need to be filled. Now that one of the Habs’ more dynamic youngsters in Alex Galchenyuk is sidelined for 6 weeks, Montreal needs […]

Off With Michel Therrien’s Head!

Off with his Head! (But not actually, keep reading.) I was less than thrilled when new GM Marc Bergevin announced Michel Therrien’s second stint with the Canadiens, having a miserable record the first time around when he coached the team for three years, missing the playoffs once in that span and being fired in his […]

Habs fans need to chill

            Title says it all, You all need to chill. This Habs team isn’t in as bad a shape as you may think. Some of us need a reminder of what went down on May 2nd, 2012. The day that our previous sack of potatoes GM Pierre Gauthier, was officially […]

Montreal Canadiens Going For The Max?

So, way back when, there was a song that went something like this: Patches, I’m dependin’ on you son To pull the family through My son it’s all Left up to you Could this describe the Habs situation any better? We are depending on ONE guy that is allegedly our “power forward” (I use the […]

Sometimes Less is More: Media Coverage in Montreal

If you look at the media coverage on the Montreal Canadiens, fans are practically showered with news on their beloved team. Speaking as a fan, I particularly enjoy insightful, in-depth analyses on the teams’ successes, failures, and the seasonal controversies that come with being a player for the Montreal Canadiens. The other day, however, I […]

Almost Halfway There

Here we are midway through the season and your Montreal Canadiens are currently sitting in third place in the Atlantic Division with 49 points and, as we speak, own the fourth playoff seed in the Eastern Conference. With a record of 23-14-3, it is difficult to say that the Habs had an unsuccessful first half, […]

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