Sochi 2014

Now that all the Olympic teams have been named for the upcoming 2014 Sochi Olympics, let’s have a look at the notable omissions of each major country and form the best possible team with the talented players that have been left out by their respective countries. This squad of cast-offs would be one of the […]

Douglas Murray likes to rock the body.

Now, I know a lot of people are singling out Douglas Murray for his sometime less than all-star play.  I have been one of those short-sighted people that only see the downside of this monster. I think I’ve changed my mind – read on sports fans. Douglas Murray, 33, seemed like a good idea at […]

Max Pacioretty is a streaky sniper.

So, way back when, there was a song that went something like this: Patches, I’m dependin’ on you son To pull the family through My son it’s all Left up to you Could this describe the Habs situation any better? We are depending on ONE guy that is allegedly our “power forward” (I use the […]

Gionta and his teammates get a lot of media scrutiny in Montreal.

If you look at the media coverage on the Montreal Canadiens, fans are practically showered with news on their beloved team. Speaking as a fan, I particularly enjoy insightful, in-depth analyses on the teams’ successes, failures, and the seasonal controversies that come with being a player for the Montreal Canadiens. The other day, however, I […]


Here we are midway through the season and your Montreal Canadiens are currently sitting in third place in the Atlantic Division with 49 points and, as we speak, own the fourth playoff seed in the Eastern Conference. With a record of 23-14-3, it is difficult to say that the Habs had an unsuccessful first half, […]

Marc Bergevin is following his plan.

            There’s always rumours, most have nothing to it. Although when I hear something from someone a little more reputable, you start to put stock into it. There have been some grumblings around the Habs that hold a little more weight to it. Max Pacioretty for example, although rumours got […]

Max Pacioretty has been involved in a lot of trade rumors lately.

 With the trade freeze in effect and rumours and rumblings making their way around here’s a holiday rumour round up. Who’s on the block? The following names have been involved in rumours recently. Max Paciorrety, Lars Eller, Andrei Markov, Raphael Diaz, Rene Bourque. Who are potential targets? The following players have been linked to the […]

The helmet is a dangerous weapon.

Public Enemy #1 – the hockey helmet – be on the lookout. Come on, how can a hockey helmet be a villain – helmets save lives and protect from injuries, don’t they? Read on sports fans. I was having a conversation with a buddy of mine (thanks Graham) regarding the epidemic of concussions, injuries and […]

Rene Bourque has been a major disappointment since his acquisition.

Well… after the holiday trade freeze ends to be more precise. After the Habs went on a nice run from the middle of November to the middle of December, they’ve done a complete 180 since then. They can’t score, can’t defend, can’t win and can’t even fight. They look lost, small and slow. I’m not […]

Gorges is the most likely candidate to replace Gionta as the team captain.

Who would have thought that the trade that sent Craig Rivet to San Jose in 2007 would prove to be one of the smartest moves made by then general manager Bob Gainey? Firstly, they acquired a first-round draft pick that turned out to be Max Pacioretty, who forms the cornerstone of the Montreal Canadiens’ offense. […]


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