Why Guy Boucher Makes Sense For The Habs

It’s beginning to look painfully obvious that Montreal Canadiens may be in need of a coaching change. This team looks terrible everywhere except for goaltending, but even Carey is growing frustrated with lack of compete levels with his comrades in front. A defensive core that looks totally out of sync to go along with a group of forwards that cannot score on the Power-Play let alone 5v5. Are the players mailing it in? Therrien’s antics maybe catching up to him. The veterans, most notably players like Daniel Briere and Max Pacioretty are growing tired of his ways. Young guys usually look up to those vets for guidance and they see vets shrugging off a coaches request, they wonder.. “Do I do the same..or…”Not long after, a room is divided.

Will Guy Boucher be the next head coach of the Habs?

Will Guy Boucher be the next head coach of the Habs?

As much as some Habs fans may want, we can’t trade 23 players, but we can replace one coach. There are a few candidates the Canadiens could look at, but in my opinion, the only one that makes sense, is Guy Boucher. Why?

Familiarity. In his one season with Hamilton Bulldogs, he worked with PK Subban, Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais among some depth players. Guy had these guys playing at a high level, and was also very well liked in the dressing room. A players coach.

Offensive minded. It’s no secret that Guy Boucher always thinks on the offence, Bergevin has a team built for speed and skill for the time being. Habs are stuck with smaller players right now, so get a coach that can use skilled players properly. Daniel Briere is a natural center, so don’t put him on the wing. Same with Lars Eller. I strongly believe that Montreal has the pieces to be a contending team, they’re just not being used effectively.     

Language. Although everyone may not like this part of job description, it’s there. Deal with it. Guy Boucher is from Quebec. He’s bilingual, and more importantly, he’s French. Mr. Boucher is also available.

Guy Boucher can fix the offence, and he could easily fix the defence. Two options, one being 2 words. Larry Robinson. Currently an associate coach with the San Jose Sharks and has said on more than one occasion that he would strongly consider working with the Canadiens defensive core. HIRE HIM! I honestly don’t understand what the hold up is, he’s perfect for it. Oh! And the other option? Get rid of the deadweight. Put them on waivers for all I care, we got kids that can play and that are ready to play. Douglas Murray, Raphael Diaz and Francis Bouillon can all kick rocks. Youngster Nathan Beaulieu is clearly ready, Jarred Tinordi can learn on the job and Greg Pateryn looks to be chomping at the bit for his shot. The only subpar defenseman I keep is Alex Emelin, he’s been put on his off side on too many nights and with Sochi Olympics around the corner, I believe he’s playing to not get hurt. EmelinBoom will be back post Sochi.

One last thing I need to get off my chest, last night’s game between Montreal Canadiens vs Detroit Red Wings. Original 6. Douglas Murray was  paired with PK Subban. I honestly thought it was a punishment for PK being late to practice, but the lineup card comes out. Is that not the dumbest thing coaching move Habsnation has ever  witnessed? I mean, aside from putting Bill Lindsay in for a face-off in the offensive zone with 3 minutes left in a playoff game with a one goal lead?. C’mon! Therrien must be trying to get fired!

Sean Dempsey,

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