Should George Parros think about his future with the Montreal Canadiens?

George Parros, you hear the name, and most of us know who he is. A hard hitting 4th line enforcer that will stick up for his teammates when necessary, and who wouldn’t recognize that stash?  The question I’m asking you is “should the former Princeton graduate, who majored in economics, think about hanging up his skates?”

Saturday night, George Parros fought new York Islanders tough guy Eric Boulton in the first two minutes of the game. Parros looked like he was winning the fight, until that one big swing. It missed. You could tell by the way he was attempting to protect himself that he knew he left himself vulnerable. Boulton’s first swing missed, but luckily for him, the second didn’t, Parros got hit right in the mouth and he dropped to the ice. Rattled, dazed, call it what you will, you could tell he was out of it. At that moment, the referees did the right thing and stepped in. I had noticed that Boulton hung on as Parros went down to avoid him hitting his head and then ask the official if George was okay in penalty box, classy move by Boulton.

The Violent Gentleman should think about hanging his skates.

The Violent Gentleman should think about hanging his skates.

Parros would go to the box for five minutes, but after a little discussion among the referees, he was sent to the “Quiet Room” as a precautionary measure. Parros would not return to the game after he seemingly suffered his second concussion this season only having played nine games so far this season. We all know how he suffered his first concussion on October 1st in Montreal thanks to Colton Orr. Should he maybe start thinking about his future after ten seasons in the NHL? Over the years the game has evolved, as such, the “Enforcer” role is being fazed out. It doesn’t seem necessary any more and since the awareness of concussions is such a hot topic, these staged fights are becoming more and more redundant.

I for one think that fighting belongs in the game, just not “staged” fights. I rarely see a momentum shift after a couple fourth liners fighting because that’s their “job”. The fights that really do matter are the ones from avenging a dirty hit, or when emotions get too high during a game and a fight breaks out, that’s fine. It settles everything down.

George Parros has a great future ahead of him. Did you know he was voted “4th smartest athlete” by Sporting News in 2010? Yea, he’s a pretty smart dude, I’m sure Don Fehr has a job opening somewhere for George within the NHLPA, as he was an integral part in the CBA negotiations.

I myself am a George Parros fan. He is a great teammate, a good guy. Respects his opponents. May not be the best hockey player, but face it, The Montreal Canadiens aren’t paying him to really “play” hockey, are they? A lot of the fans I see complain about him, are mostly irate cause he hasn’t fought the guys they want him to fight.

So, with all this being said, do you think the former Stanley Cup Champion still has a place in the NHL?

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Sean Dempsey


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  1. I would say that Parros is done at this point. Of course, the decision rests in his hands – but two concussions in 2 months is a little bit much for anyone at his age. After the first one, concussions come easier. George has a bright future in a lot of professions other than hockey. A brain is a terrible thing to waste. Adieu Mr. Parros – it’s time.

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